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4 keys to heal the world and dissolve the species divide

I changed the world today.

In contemplating the oneness of all of us, I could easily accept my oneness with all … except those who perpetrate hurtful deeds — to me, to other individuals, to other animals. How can I possibly be one with them?!

So I meditated on that question. Then my Aha! Well Duh! moment struck! In order to feel true oneness I must extend to them the 4 keys of healing: Forgiveness, Compassion, Love and Connection. That’s the only way to heal the divide.

For centuries our primary human response to resolving issues has been anger, aggression, hostility and retribution. An eye for an eye. But all that does is serve to instill fear, mistrust and disconnection, from each other, and everyone with whom we share this earth. It solves nothing. It widens the chasm between us. Doom and gloom and pain grow.

So today I chose to break that cycle. I let go of my anger and chose instead to extend Forgiveness, Compassion, Love and Connection to anyone who has ever hurt me, to anyone who has ever abused a person, to anyone who has ever abused an animal, to anyone who has ever exploited another for their own gain, human or otherwise.

I extended Forgiveness, Compassion, Love and Connection to the hunters and poachers, to murderers, to child abusers, to dog kickers, to farmers, to bullies, etc. etc. etc. to EVERYONE! And to myself for any energy I’ve put out that doesn’t foster the connection we all share.

So today I did a little bit to dissolve the divide between us all. Will you join me? Imagine, if everyone did that, how transformative it would be!? I truly feel that it is the only way we have a chance to heal our world and survive. If we replace the aggressive energies with loving energies, the daily atrocities in the world cannot continue and cannot take hold. Harm of another individual isn’t fathomable.

Are you willing to make a change to foster the oneness and healing connection as well? I’d love to hear about it 🙂

With love and peace to all,



Human purpose: blight or blessing?

“Please don’t kill that insect.”

 “Why not? It’s gross!”

 “He has a right to live too. He has a purpose.”

 “Oh really? What is its purpose?”

 “I’m not sure. But I do know that everyone does. Do you know yours?”



I have had that conversation a number of times. It’s a question I take quite seriously, giving it a lot of contemplation – what is the purpose of humans?

Some of us figure out our individual purpose, but do we really know what it is as a species? I bet that most people have never even given it a moment’s thought.

Some days when I feel very discouraged by the state of the world, I think we are a destructive negative force on the earth. A blight. A cancer even, when I feel the worst and hopeless for our future.

Then when I am feeling hopeful I change my mind. I see that we can bring joy, compassion, peace, beauty and harmony to our world.

And the energy that I bring to the world demonstrates it perfectly. When I’m in a negative space, I am acting from fear, anger, jealousy, frustration, sadness and pain. And when that’s my experience, I am acting as a blight, tainting the energy around me.

But when I’m acting from love, compassion, peace, joy and faith, I bring the blessing of that energy to my surroundings.

Our world is at a cusp, a precipice. We have a choice to make – are we going to be a blight or a blessing? Will we continue down the path of destruction and warring and despair? Or will we make a new choice, bringing light to the world through love and peace?

Each one of us affects the collective energy. It is not something happening “out there” to us.

So I invite you to give it some thought too – what energy will you choose to bring to the world?