About Me



I’ve had a special connection to animals all of my life. I was raised as a vegetarian and have always believed that humans and animals are equal. The more I learned about how humans treat other species as objects and commodities, it became clear to me that my vegetarian lifestyle was not enough to align my values of equality. So I made the shift to veganism in 2002. I have been dedicated to doing my part in creating a compassionate, kinder and gentler world for all living beings ever since.

About This Blog

I have worked hard at growing and developing myself as a person and my worldview. So many times when I have had a flash of insight, it hasn’t been so much of an “AHA!” moment as it turns out to be a “WELL DUH!!” moment. A veil lifts to reveal what has been there all along. And seeing with new clarity I can’t help but think “No shit! Of course!” When I get those insights, I trust I am connected to my soul’s knowing of the truth of things.

So I want to share my views and insights with others and hopefully spark both AHA and WELL DUH! Moments for anyone who chooses to read what I have to say.

Though there will be a focus on species equality in the topics, I also want to share my personal insights as well. They are very much interconnected when we shift to a new way of looking at the world and our place in it.

My hope is this: one insight at a time, we shift our views of those we share this earth with and the divide among species is forever dissolved. Freedom & Equality for all!!

Peace to all,

Marianne Verigin


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